Bivouaquer (to bivouac) conjugation

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Conjugation of eiti

Present tense
je bivouaque
I bivouac
tu bivouaques
you bivouac
il/elle/on bivouaque
he/she/it bivouacs
nous bivouaquons
we bivouac
vous bivouaquez
you all bivouac
ils/elles bivouaquent
they bivouac
Present perfect tense
j’ai bivouaqué
I bivouacked
tu as bivouaqué
you bivouacked
il/elle/on a bivouaqué
he/she/it bivouacked
nous avons bivouaqué
we bivouacked
vous avez bivouaqué
you all bivouacked
ils/elles ont bivouaqué
they bivouacked
Past imperfect tense
je bivouaquais
I was bivouacing
tu bivouaquais
you were bivouacing
il/elle/on bivouaquait
he/she/it was bivouacing
nous bivouaquions
we were bivouacing
vous bivouaquiez
you all were bivouacing
ils/elles bivouaquaient
they were bivouacing
Future tense
je bivouaquerai
I will bivouac
tu bivouaqueras
you will bivouac
il/elle/on bivouaquera
he/she/it will bivouac
nous bivouaquerons
we will bivouac
vous bivouaquerez
you all will bivouac
ils/elles bivouaqueront
they will bivouac
Past perfect tense
j’avais bivouaqué
I had bivouacked
tu avais bivouaqué
you had bivouacked
il/elle/on avait bivouaqué
he/she/it had bivouacked
nous avions bivouaqué
we had bivouacked
vous aviez bivouaqué
you all had bivouacked
ils/elles avaient bivouaqué
they had bivouacked
Past preterite tense
je bivouaquai
I bivouacked
tu bivouaquas
you bivouacked
il/elle/on bivouaqua
he/she/it bivouacked
nous bivouaquâmes
we bivouacked
vous bivouaquâtes
you all bivouacked
ils/elles bivouaquèrent
they bivouacked
Past anterior tense
j’eus bivouaqué
I had bivouacked
tu eus bivouaqué
you had bivouacked
il/elle/on eut bivouaqué
he/she/it had bivouacked
nous eûmes bivouaqué
we had bivouacked
vous eûtes bivouaqué
you all had bivouacked
ils/elles eurent bivouaqué
they had bivouacked
Future perfect tense
j’aurai bivouaqué
I will have bivouacked
tu auras bivouaqué
you will have bivouacked
il/elle/on aura bivouaqué
he/she/it will have bivouacked
nous aurons bivouaqué
we will have bivouacked
vous aurez bivouaqué
you all will have bivouacked
ils/elles auront bivouaqué
they will have bivouacked
Present subjunctive tense
que je bivouaque
that I bivouac
que tu bivouaques
that you bivouac
qu’il/elle/on bivouaque
that he/she/it bivouac
que nous bivouaquions
that we bivouac
que vous bivouaquiez
that you all bivouac
qu’ils/elles bivouaquent
that they bivouac
Present perfect subjunctive tense
que j’aie bivouaqué
that I have bivouacked
que tu aies bivouaqué
that you have bivouacked
qu’il/elle/on ait bivouaqué
that he/she/it have bivouacked
que nous ayons bivouaqué
that we have bivouacked
que vous ayez bivouaqué
that you all have bivouacked
qu’ils/elles aient bivouaqué
that they have bivouacked
Imperfect subjunctive tense
que je bivouaquasse
that I would bivouac
que tu bivouaquasses
that you would bivouac
qu’il/elle/on bivouaquât
that he/she/it would bivouac
que nous bivouaquassions
that we would bivouac
que vous bivouaquassiez
that you all would bivouac
qu’ils/elles bivouaquassent
that they would bivouac
Past perfect subjunctive tense
que j’eusse bivouaqué
that I had bivouacked
que tu eusses bivouaqué
that you had bivouacked
qu’il/elle/on eût bivouaqué
that he/she/it had bivouacked
que nous eussions bivouaqué
that we had bivouacked
que vous eussiez bivouaqué
that you all had bivouacked
qu’ils/elles eussent bivouaqué
that they had bivouacked
Conditional mood
je bivouaquerais
I would bivouac
tu bivouaquerais
you would bivouac
il/elle/on bivouaquerait
he/she/it would bivouac
nous bivouaquerions
we would bivouac
vous bivouaqueriez
you all would bivouac
ils/elles bivouaqueraient
they would bivouac
Conditional perfect tense
j’aurais bivouaqué
I would have bivouacked
tu aurais bivouaqué
you would have bivouacked
il/elle/on aurait bivouaqué
he/she/it would have bivouacked
nous aurions bivouaqué
we would have bivouacked
vous auriez bivouaqué
you all would have bivouacked
ils/elles auraient bivouaqué
they would have bivouacked
Imperative mood
let's bivouac!
Past perfect imperative mood
aie bivouaqué
have bivouacked
ayons bivouaqué
let's have bivouacked
ayez bivouaqué
have bivouacked

Examples of bivouaquer

Example in FrenchTranslation in English
Bien, c'est simple. Il faut bivouaquer.Well, it's simple, we must bivouac.
Il ne nous reste qu'une demi-heure de jour. Nous allons bivouaquer ici.We've only got about a half-hour of daylight left so this is it - we'll bivouac here.
J'avais moins de mal à bivouaquer sur le Kilimandjaro.I had an easier time bivouacking on the side of Mount Kilimanjaro.
Pourquoi vous font-ils bivouaquer ?Why would they have you bivouacked?
Je sais qu'ici, on vole les prisonniers... et la racaille qui bivouaque autour du camp attend que quelqu'un lui apporte ce butin.I know the prisoners here are being robbed systematically. I know there's scum around, or bivouacked near the camp, waiting for someone to deliver this loot.
Le Collectif bivouaque près du Pallahas Ridge.The collective is bivouacked near Pallahas Ridge.
Nous avons bivouaqué hier après-midi.We bivouacked yesterday afternoon.
Où êtes-vous bivouaqué?Where are you bivouacked, sir?

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