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French word lundi comes from Latin dies, Proto-Indo-European *lewk-, and later Proto-Indo-European *lówksneh₂ (Moon.)

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dies Latin (lat) (often in the feminine) A set day: a date, an appointment.. A day, particularly:. A solar or sidereal day of about 24 hours, especially (historical) Roman dates reckoned from one midnight to the next.. Daytime: a period of light between sunrise and sunset.
*lewk- Proto-Indo-European (ine)
*lowksneh₂ Proto-Indo-European (ine)
*lewksnā Proto-Indo-European (ine)
*lówksneh₂ Proto-Indo-European (ine) Moon.
*louksnā Proto-Italic (itc-pro)
losna Old Latin (itc-ola)
luna Latin (lat) (figuratively) a month. (figuratively) a night. A crescent shape. The Moon.
dies Lunae Latin (lat) Monday.
*Lunae dies Vulgar Latin (la-vul)
lundi Old French (fro) Monday.
lundi French (fr) Monday.

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aujourd'hui hui jeudi mardi mercredi vendredi