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French word jeudi comes from Latin dies, Telugu Proto-Indo-European, Proto-Italic *djous patēr (Jupiter, the Sky Father.)

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dies Latin (lat) (often in the feminine) A set day: a date, an appointment.. A day, particularly:. A solar or sidereal day of about 24 hours, especially (historical) Roman dates reckoned from one midnight to the next.. Daytime: a period of light between sunrise and sunset.
Proto-Indo-European Telugu (tel)
*djous patēr Proto-Italic (itc-pro) Jupiter, the Sky Father.
Iupiter Latin (lat)
dies Iovis Latin (lat) Thursday.
jusdi Old French (fro) Thursday (weekday).
jeudi French (fr) Thursday (day of the week).

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aujourd'hui hui lundi mardi mercredi vendredi

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