Appareil etymology


French word appareil comes from Latin parare, Latin ad- (To.)

Etymology of appareil

Detailed word origin of appareil

Dictionary entry Language Definition
parare Latin (lat)
ad- Latin (lat) To.
apparare Latin (lat)
*appariculo Latin (lat) I equip or tool. I prepare or make ready.
apareillier Old French (fro) To arm or tool oneself. To prepare (food). To tool; to equip.
appareiller Middle French (frm) (transitive) to equip. (transitive, by extension) to ready.
appareiller French (fr) (intransitive, nautical) to cast off. (transitive) to fit with a prosthesis. (transitive) to join or mix together. (transitive) to mate animals for breeding. (transitive) to prepare.
appareil French (fr) (anatomy) a system (of organs). Apparatus. Camera (for photographs).

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