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French word dossier comes from Old French dos (back) which in turn comes from Latin dorsum (back). This is probably because a dossier (an organizer of documents) is normally labelled on the back

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-ier French (fr) Used to form the names of jobs. Used to form the names of ships. Used to form the names of trees bearing a particular type of fruit.
dorsum Latin (lat) (anatomy) back, part of the body between the neck and buttocks. (figuratively) ridge, summit.
*dossum Vulgar Latin (la-vul)
dos Old French (fro) (anatomy) back.
dos French (fr) (anatomy) back (of a person). (in the plural) backs (of persons). Backstroke.
dossier French (fr) (figuratively) case, notably legal. An organizer to keep papers in, to be stored as a single unit in a filing cabinet, see folder.. Back of furniture, to rest the sitter's back on. Dossier. File, account; directory on a computer, see folder.

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