Avocat etymology


French word avocat comes from Latin voco

Etymology of avocat

Detailed word origin of avocat

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voco Latin (lat) (transitive) I call, summon, beckon (with one's voice).. (transitive) I name, designate. (transitive, by extension) I invoke, call upon (a person, especially a god). (transitive, by extension) I summon, convene, call together.. I bring or put (into a state or condition).
advoco Latin (lat) (legal) I call in as aid, assistant, witness or counsellor.. I call, invite or summon someone to a place, invoke.. I get a respite, delay.. I give consolation, console; recommend.
advocatus Latin (lat) (legal) advocate, attendant (friend who supports in a trial). One called to aid.. Mediator. Witness, supporter.
avocat French (fr) (law) lawyer; attorney.