Terroir etymology


English word terroir comes from Latin -ionem, Latin -ator, Latin terra

Etymology of terroir

Detailed word origin of terroir

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-ionem Latin (lat)
-ator Latin (lat) Enlarged form of -tor, used to form agent nouns; -ator, -er.
terra Latin (lat) the world, the globe, earth as a celestial object. Earth's surface (dry land and sea together; as opposed to the heavens). A land, a region, a country. Earth, soil, dirt. Ground, dry land.
territorium Latin (lat) The land around or within the boundaries of a town; territory.
terroir French (fr) Land, landscape, country. Soil.
terroir English (en) The complete set of local conditions in which a particular wine or family of wines is produced, including soil type, weather conditions, topography and wine-making savoir-faire.

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