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English word chauffeur comes from the French word chauffeur (stoker), which comes from the French word chauffer (to heat). It acquired its sense of "driving" through to the association with steam engines

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chauffer French (fr) (slang) to tease, to entice sexually, to arouse. To heat, to warm, to warm up.
-eur French (fr) Used to form abstract nouns from adjectives; -ness.. Used to form agent nouns from verbs.
chauffeur French (fr) Chauffeur. Driver.
chauffeur English (en) (firefighting) The driver of a fire truck.. A person employed to drive a private motor car or a hired car of executive or luxury class (like a limousine). (intransitive) To be, or act as, a chauffeur (driver of a motor car).. (transitive) To transport (someone) in a motor car.

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