Money etymology


English word money comes from Latin moneo (I remind. I warn, advise.), Latvian Moneta

Etymology of money

Detailed word origin of money

Dictionary entry Language Definition
moneo Latin (lat) I remind. I warn, advise.
Moneta Latvian (lav)
Moneta Latin (lat)
moneta Latin (lat) Mint, a place for coining money. Money, coinage.
monoie Old French (fro) Money, coinage.
moneye Middle English (enm) Money.
money English (en) (as a modifier) Of or pertaining to money; monetary.. A currency maintained by a state or other entity which can guarantee its value (such as a monetary union).. A generally accepted means of exchange and measure of value.. A legally or socially binding conceptual contract of entitlement to wealth, void of intrinsic value, payable for all debts and taxes, and regulated in supply.. A person [...]

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