Feature etymology


English word feature comes from Latin facio, and later Latin factura (A making, manufacture. A thing that has been manufactured.)

Etymology of feature

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facio Latin (lat) I appoint.. I do. I make, construct, fashion, frame, build, erect. I make, produce, compose.
factus Latin (lat)
factura Latin (lat) A making, manufacture. A thing that has been manufactured.
faiture Old French (fro) Action; act. Form; characteristic(s). Method; way; manner.
feture Anglo-Norman (xno)
feature English (en) (intransitive) To appear, to make an appearance.. (transitive) To ascribe the greatest importance to something within a certain context.. (transitive) To star, to contain. (archaeology) Something discerned from physical evidence that helps define, identify, characterize, and interpret an archeological site.. (computing) A beneficial capability of a piece of software.. (engineering) [...]

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