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English word effect comes from Latin facere, Latin e

Etymology of effect

Detailed word origin of effect

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facere Latin (lat)
e Latin (lat) out of, from The name of the letter E.
efficio Latin (lat) (philosophy) I make out, show, prove, deduce.. I cause to occur, bring about, effect.. I make or work out; effect, execute, complete, accomplish, make, form, compose.. I produce, bear, yield.. I yield, bear, amount to, make out.
effectus Latin (lat) An effect, result, outcome, operation, tendency, purpose.. The act of doing, making or effecting; execution, accomplishment, completion, performance.
effect Old French (842-ca. 1400) (fro) (legal) judgment; decree. Effect.
effect English (en) (filmology) An illusion produced by technical means (as in "special effect"). (obsolete) Manifestation; expression; sign.. (obsolete) Reality; actual meaning; fact, as distinguished from mere appearance.. (physics, psychology, etc.) A scientific phenomenon, usually named after its discoverer.. (sound engineering) An alteration, or device for producing an alteration, in sound after it has [...]

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