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English word specific comes from Latin facere, Latin species

Etymology of specific

Detailed word origin of specific

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facere Latin (lat)
species Latin (lat) (figuratively) a kind, quality, type. (figuratively) honor, reputation. (figuratively) vision, dream, apparition. (legal, later) a special case. A seeing, view, look. A spectacle, sight. External appearance; general outline or shape. Semblance, pretence, pretext, outward show. Show, display.
specificus Late Latin (LL)
specifique Old French (842-ca. 1400) (fro)
specific English (en) (in the plural) The details; particulars.. A distinguishing attribute or quality.. A specific remedy.. Specification (immunology) limited to a particular antibody or antigen. (physics) a measure compared with a standard reference value by division, to produce a ratio without unit or dimension (e.g. specific refractive index is a pure number, and is relative to that of air). (physics) of a [...]

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