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English word evolution comes from Latin volvere, Latin de, and later Latin evolutio (The act of unrolling or opening a book; reading.)

Etymology of evolution

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volvere Latin (lat)
de Latin (lat) (Late Latin) of persons. From, away from, down from, out of; in general to indicate the person or place from which any thing is taken, etc., with verbs of taking away, depriving, demanding, requesting, inquiring, buying; as capere, sumere, emere, quaerere, discere, trahere, etc., and their compounds.. From, away from, to indicate the place from which someone or something departs or [...]
e Latin (lat) out of, from The name of the letter E.
evolvere Latin (lat)
evolutus Latin (lat)
evolutio Latin (lat) The act of unrolling or opening a book; reading.
evolution English (en) (biology) The change in the genetic composition of a population over successive generations.. (chemistry) The act or an instance of giving off gas; emission.. (dance, sports) A turning movement of the body.. (general) Gradual directional change especially one leading to a more advanced or complex form; growth; development.. (mathematics) The extraction of a root from a quantity.. (military) [...]