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English word ass comes from Proto-Indo-European *ors-, and later Proto-Germanic *arsaz (Arse/ass, anus, buttocks.)

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*ors- Proto-Indo-European (ine)
*arsaz Proto-Germanic (gem-pro) Arse/ass, anus, buttocks.
ærs Old English (ang) The arse; the buttocks or anus.
ars Middle English (enm)
arse English (en) (chiefly, UK, pejorative, _, slang) A stupid, mean or despicable person.. (dated, _, in, _, New England, current in, _) The buttocks or more specifically, the anus. (slang, intransitive) To be silly, act stupid or mess around.
ass English (en) (slang) One's self or person, chiefly their body.. (slang) Used in similes to express something bad or unpleasant.. (vulgar, slang) Used after an adjective to indicate extremes or excessiveness.. (vulgar, slang) anus. (vulgar, slang) buttocks. (vulgar, slang, uncountable) sex.

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arse art artifact artist badass dumbass pussy yo