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English word badass comes from English your, English bad

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your English (en) (Ireland) That; the specified (usually used with a human referent). A determiner that conveys familiarity and mutual knowledge of the modified noun.. Belonging to you; of you; related to you (plural; more owners).. Belonging to you; of you; related to you (singular; one owner).
bad English (en) (archaic) . See bade. (Should we move(+) this sense?) (slang) Fantastic. (countable, uncountable, economics) An item (or kind of item) of merchandise with negative value; an unwanted good.. (slang) Error, mistake. (hip-hop slang) good, superlative. (informal) Bold and daring.. (of a, need or want) Severe, urgent.. (of breath) Malodorous, foul.. (of food) Spoiled, rotten, overripe.. Evil; [...]
badass English (en) (US, slang, vulgar) Having extreme appearance, attitude, or behavior that is considered admirable.. (US, slang, vulgar) Troublesome and belligerent. (US, slang, negative connotation, vulgar) A mean or belligerent person; a person with unpleasantly extreme attitudes, behavior or appearance.. (US, youth slang, positive connotation, vulgar) A person considered impressive due to toughness, [...]

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