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English word artist comes from Latin -fex (Denotes maker or performer.), French art (Art (something pleasing to the mind).), Proto-Indo-European *h₂r̥-ti-

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-fex Latin (lat) Denotes maker or performer.
art French (fr) Art (something pleasing to the mind).
*h₂r̥-ti- Proto-Indo-European (ine)
*h₂r̥tís Proto-Indo-European (ine) fitting
artis Latin (lat)
artista Latin (lat)
artista Italian (it) An artist (female).. An artist (male or of unspecified sex).
artiste French (fr) Artist.
artist English (en) (archaic) Artistic. A person who creates art as an occupation.. A person who creates art.. A person who is skilled at some activity.. A recording artist.

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