40+ Ways to Say Good Night in Spanish: Buenas Noches and Other Evening Phrases

Updated on: April 5, 2024
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Ready to take your Spanish skills to bed? Learning how to say "good night" is the perfect way to show off your language talents while catching some zzz's. In this article, we're going over all the different ways to wish someone sweet dreams en español. From the classic "buenas noches" to more flirty options like "sueña conmigo," you'll have plenty of Spanish nighttime phrases to try out.

Getting a good night's sleep is crucial for boosting your memory and locking in new vocabulary. So why not kill two birds with one stone - expanding your Spanish while you snooze? Let's dive into over 40 ways to say goodnight like a native speaker!

Not Just Buenas Noches: Essential Ways to Say Good Night in Spanish

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Let's start with the basic Spanish phrases you can use before going to bed. Here are ten fundamental expressions to wish someone a nice night:

SpanishSpanish PronunciationEnglish
Buenas nochesBWEH-nahs NOH-chessGood night.
Que descanseskeh deh-KAHN-sehsRest well.
Dulces sueñosDOOL-sehs SWEH-nyosSweet dreams
Hasta mañanaAH-stah mah-NYAH-nahUntil tomorrow
Nos vemos mañananohs VEH-mohs mah-NYAH-nahSee you tomorrow
Que tengas una buena nochekeh TEHN-gahs OO-nah BWEH-nah NOH-chayHave a good night
Descansa biendeh-KAHN-sah byenRest well
Que duermas bienkeh DWEHR-mahs byenSleep well
Buen descansoBWEHN deh-KAHN-sohGood rest
Que sueñes con los angelitoskeh sweh-NYES kohn lohs ahn-heh-LEE-tohsMay you dream with the little angels

Flirty Ways of Saying Good Night in Spanish

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When it comes to saying goodnight in Spanish to someone special, a touch of romance can make all the difference. Here are ten enchanting expressions to whisper sweet dreams to the one you love:

SpanishSpanish pronunciationEnglish
Dulces sueños, mi amor(DOOL-sehs SWEH-nyos, mee ah-MOHR)Sweet dreams, my love
Que descanses en mis sueños(keh deh-KAHN-sehs en mees SWEH-nyos)Rest in my dreams
Buenas noches, corazón(BWEH-nahs NOH-chess, koh-rah-SOHN)Good night, sweetheart
Que tus sueños estén llenos de mí(keh toos SWEH-nyos ehs-TEHN YEH-nohs deh MEE)May your dreams be filled with me
Descansa bien, mi vida(deh-KAHN-sah byen, mee BEE-dah)Rest well, my life
Hasta que nos encontremos en nuestros sueñosAH-stah keh nohs ehn-kohn-TREH-mohs en noh-SES SWEH-nyosUntil we meet in our dreams
Que el cielo te envíe sueños de amorkeh ehl SYEH-loh teh en-VEE-eh SWEH-nyos deh ah-MOHRMay the heavens send you dreams of love
Que el susurro del viento te lleve a mí en tus sueñoskeh ehl soo-SOHR-roh del BYEN-toh teh YEH-veh ah MEE en toos SWEH-nyosMay the whisper of the wind carry you to me in your dreams
Buen descanso, mi cieloBWEHN deh-KAHN-soh, mee SYEH-lohGood rest, my heaven
Que la noche te abrace con el mismo amor con el que yo te abrazo en mis sueñoskeh lah NOH-cheh teh ah-BRAH-seh kohn ehl MEE-smo ah-MOHR kohn ehl keh YOH teh ah-BRAH-soh en mees SWEH-nyosMay the night embrace you with the same love with which I hold you in my dreams.

More Phrases for Wishing Sweet Dreams in Spanish

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When speaking to locals, wishing someone good night can be a simple yet meaningful gesture. Here are ten diverse greetings used by Spanish speakers to wish someone a restful night:

SpanishSpanish pronunciationEnglish
Hasta luego, que tengas dulces sueñosAH-stah LWEH-goh, keh TEHN-gahs DOOL-sehs SWEH-nyosUntil later, may you have sweet dreams.
Nos vemos al amanecernohs VEH-mohs ahl ah-mah-neh-SERSee you at dawn
Que descanses bajo las estrellaskeh deh-KAHN-sehs BAH-hoh lahs ehs-TEH-yasRest beneath the stars.
Buenas noches, que la paz te acompañeBWEH-nahs NOH-chess, keh lah pahs teh ah-kohm-PAH-nyehGood night, may peace accompany you
Que tus sueños sean tan brillantes como las estrellaskeh toos SWEH-nyos seahn tan bree-YAHN-tehs koh-moh lahs ehs-TEH-yasMay your dreams be as bright as the stars
Descansa en la serenidad de la nochedeh-KAHN-sah en lah seh-reh-nee-DAD deh lah NOH-cheRest in the serenity of the night
Hasta pronto, que la luna te guíeAH-stah PROHN-toh, keh lah LOO-nah teh GWEE-ehSee you soon, may the moon guide you
Que sueñes con lo más hermoso de la vidakeh sweh-NYES kohn loh mahs ehr-MOH-soh deh lah VEE-dahMay you dream of the most beautiful things in life
Buen descanso, que los ángeles te cuidenBWEHN deh-KAHN-soh, keh lohs AHN-heh-lehs teh kwee-dehnGood rest, may the angels watch over you
Que el silencio de la noche te traiga pazkeh ehl see-LEHN-see-oh deh lah NOH-che teh TRAH-ee-gah pahsMay the silence of the night bring you peace

Slang Terms and Informal Phrases for Wishing Goodnight in Spanish

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When saying good night in Spanish, infusing your words with a touch of slang can add flair and personality. Here are ten expressions in Spanish you can use to sound like a native:

SpanishSpanish pronunciationEnglish
Dormí como un bebédor-MEE KOH-moh oon beh-BEHI slept like a baby
Me está venciendo el sueñomeh ehs-TAH ben-see-EN-doh el SWEH-nyohSleep is overcoming me
Voy a caer en los brazos de Morfeoboy ah kah-EHR en lohs BRAH-sohs deh MOR-feh-ohI'm going to fall into the arms of Morpheus (god of dreams).
La cama me está llamandolah KAH-mah meh ehs-TAH ya-mahn-dohThe bed is calling me
Me voy a dormir con las gallinasmeh boy ah dor-MEER kohn lahs gah-YEE-nahsI'm going to sleep with the chickens (early to bed).
Tengo un sueño como una rocaTEN-goh oon SWEH-nyoh KOH-moh OO-nah ROH-kahI have a sleep like a rock (very deep sleep)
Voy a desconectar, mi cieloboy ah dehs-koh-nek-TAHR, mee SYEH-lohI'm going to disconnect, my heaven
Tengo el sueño como una plumaTEN-goh el SWEH-nyoh KOH-moh OO-nah PLOO-mahI have a sleep like a feather (very light sleep)
Me voy a dormir con los angelitosmeh boy ah dor-MEER kohn lohs ahn-heh-LEE-tohsI'm going to sleep with the little angels (early to bed).
Caí muerto, que sueñes conmigokah-EE MWEHR-toh, keh sweh-NYES kohn-MEE-gohI fell dead tired, may you dream of me.

Sleep Habit Spanish Vocabulary to Speak Like a Native

Understanding sleep habits is crucial for overall well-being. Here are ten simple phrases in Spanish that touch on various aspects of sleep:

SpanishSpanish pronunciationEnglish
Horario regularoh-RAH-ree-oh reh-goo-LAHRRegular schedule
Dormir tempranodor-MEER tem-PRAH-noSleeping early
Ocho horasOH-choh OH-rahsEight hours
Tomar siestastoh-MAHR syehs-tahsTaking naps
Problemas para dormirproh-BLEH-mahs pah-rah dor-MEERTrouble sleeping
Insomnio ocasionaleen-SOHM-nyoh oh-kah-see-oh-NALOccasional insomnia
Oscuridad totalohs-koo-rah-DAD toh-TAHLComplete darkness
Relajarse antesreh-lah-HAR-seh ahn-TEHSRelaxing before.
Evitar pantallaseh-VEE-tahr pahn-TAH-yahsAvoiding screens
Técnicas de respiraciónTEK-nee-kahs deh rehs-phee-rah-SYOHNBreathing techniques

Good Night in Spanish: Final Thoughts

Don't be afraid to start using these goodnight phrases right away. Wish your Spanish-speaking friends, family or that special someone "descansa bien" before hitting the hay. You can even set a reminder to tell yourself "que tengas buenas noches" as you're getting cozy under the covers.

The more you incorporate these Spanish nighttime sayings into your daily routine, the more natural and fluent you'll sound. Who knows, you may even impress some native speakers with your "buenas noches" skills!

Remember, learning useful phrases like these is a great way to immerse yourself in the Spanish language and culture. You're not just expanding your vocabulary, but connecting with Spanish speakers on a deeper level.

So go ahead, get creative with wishing "buenas noches" or "que duermas bien." The Spanish-speaking world is waiting for you to show off your newly acquired evening greetings. Sweet dreams!


How do you say "Good night" in Spanish?

The most common way to say "Good night" in Spanish is "Buenas noches."

Are there other ways to wish someone a good night in Spanish?

Yes, there are numerous ways to express good night wishes in Spanish, including phrases like "Que descanses" (Rest well), "Dulces sueños" (Sweet dreams), and "Hasta mañana" (Until tomorrow), among others.

What are some romantic ways to say good night in Spanish?

Romantic expressions to say good night in Spanish include phrases like "Duerme bien, mi amor" (Sleep well, my love), "Que sueñes conmigo" (May you dream of me), and "Me voy a dormir con los angelitos" (I'm going to sleep with the little angels).

How can I use slang or informal expressions to say good night in Spanish?

Informal slang expressions for saying good night in Spanish include phrases like "Me voy a foquearme" (I'm going to crash), "Caí muerto" (I'm dead tired), and "Me voy a desconectar" (I'm going to disconnect).

Are there regional variations in how people say good night in Spanish?

Yes, regional variations in Spanish-speaking countries may influence how people say good night. For example, in some regions, people may use local slang or expressions unique to their culture to bid good night.

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