Galdu conjugation

Conjugate galdu - lose

Perfect stem

Basque FormEnglish TranslationEx.
galdu have lost

Imperfect stem

Basque FormEnglish TranslationEx.
galtzen losing

Future stem

Basque FormEnglish TranslationEx.
galduko will have lost

Short sterm

Basque FormEnglish TranslationEx.
gal lose

Verbal noun

Basque FormEnglish TranslationEx.
galtze losing

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Usage information for galdu

This verb can also mean the following: get, go off, miss, spoil, get lost

Examples of galdu

Example in BasqueTranslation in EnglishFm.
Emaztea eta semea galdu berri ditu.He just lost a child and a wife.
Hori ondo dago, azken aldian begiak kliskatu eta galdu egin bainuen.That's good, 'cause I blinked and missed him last time.
Zu, galdu zaitez.Get lost, you.
Osaba, hau da pakak bere reiputa galdu zuen lekua?Uncle, is this where paka lost his reiputa?
Gure arbaso Paikea bezala, itsasoan galdu zenean... eta lurra ezin aurkiturik, segur aski hil nahi zuen.Like our ancestor, Paikea, when he was lost at sea... and he couldn't find the land, and he probably wanted to die.
Noski galtzen dago.Of course he's losing.
Ezin dut zuen iritzia aldarazi, eta ez dut denbora galtzen jarraituko.You have your opinion. There's nothing that will change it and it isn't worth my valuable time to talk to you.
Albistegien sailek dirua galtzen dute, baino iruditzen zaigu filosofia horri aurka egin behar diogula.I know, historically, news divisions are expected to lose money. To our minds, this philosophy is a wanton fiscal affront... to be resolutely resisted.
Jadanik galtzen ditut 25.000 astean Metrorekin.I'm already deficiting 25 grand a week with Metro!
Ez zitzaion axola Bealen saioak dirua galtzen bazuen.He didn't really care if the Beale show lost money.
Hegazkina galduko duzue.You'll miss that plane.
Antenan egongo da ABC-an. - 20 puntu galduko dugu...He'll be on the air for ABC.
Eta orduan guntzurruna galduko duzu.And then, you're gonna lose your kidney.
Ederki. Eta orduan guntzurruna galduko duzu. Ezinhobeto.And you're gonna keep running around making speeches until you wind up in the hospital.
Ez dituzte beren askatasunak galduko, jadanik baino gehiago.Never agree to take, civil liberties acquired.
Denbora galtze bat da.It's a waste of time.
Bai, garrantzitsua da, baina denbora galtze bat da.Yes, it's important, but it's a waste of time.
Konfidantza galtze handi bat zabaldu da.There has been a wide spread loss of confidence.
Esaiozu ergel horri denbora galtze bat izan zela.I know it is a waste of time Goomba Wap.

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