Lose conjugation

Conjugate lose

Present and Past

Simple I lose you lose it/she/he loses we lose you all lose they loseI lost you lost it/she/he lost we lost you all lost they lost
ProgressiveI am losing you are losing it/she/he is losing we are losing you all are losing they are losingI was losing you were losing it/she/he was losing we were losing you all were losing they were losing
PerfectI have lost you have lost it/she/he has lost we have lost you all have lost they have lostI had lost you had lost it/she/he had lost we had lost you all had lost they had lost
Perfect ProgressiveI have been losing you have been losing it/she/he has been losing we have been losing you have been losing they have been losingI had been losing you had been losing it/she/he had been losing we had been losing you had been losing they had been losing

Future and conditional

SimpleI will lose you will lose it/she/he will lose we will lose you all will lose they will loseI would lose you would lose it/she/he would lose we would lose you all would lose they would lose
ProgressiveI will be losing you will be losing it/she/he will be losing we will be losing you all will be losing they will be losingI would be losing you would be losing it/she/he would be losing we would be losing you all would be losing they would be losing
PerfectI will have lost you will have lost it/she/he will have lost we will have lost you all will have lost they will have lostI would have lost you would have lost it/she/he would have lost we would have lost you all would have lost they would have lost
Perfect ProgressiveI will have been losing you will have been losing it/she/he will have been losing we will have been losing you will have been losing they will have been losingI would have been losing you would have been losing it/she/he would have been losing we would have been losing you would have been losing they would have been losing

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Usage information for lose

This verb can also mean the following: be, wander from, run, be unable to follow, eliminate, experience, deprive of, cause, go astray from, experience the death of, shed, deprive, sir w, sir, cause to part with, have, do, remove, wander, trace, fail, miss, run slower than expected, fail to catch with the mind, discard, fail to win

Examples of lose

Example in English
! "Give yourself to me. Hey, uh, so, that offer of yours to lose... the big V I'm in.
! Against me, you will lose.
! Can we lose the face?
! I don't think you can 'sort of' lose your virginity.
! So someone finds out you had a heart attack, so you don't get re-elected, so you lose a business!
" Every team wins and loses 54 games. It's the other 54 games that count. "
""If any part loses freedom, all will lose it.
"... the dreary walls of the room's upper part in darkness. Due to the lamps, one loses... "
"...if he gains the whole world yet loses his soul?" Matthew, chapter eight...
"..and the other one loses."
! - Well, thanks to you, I'm losing.
! Daniel, I think maybe you're losing it a little bit. I'm not...
! I'm losing him!
! Isn't it worth losing a hand to have created the man of the future - the Machine-Man - ?
! The thing is, with Nancy losing her job, and with the mortgage and now with me losing my book contract, things have gotten desperate, and I wouldn't even be asking if it wasn't serious.
! - Have you lost your mind?
! - We got lost!
! - We lost all power. - We dropped the last twenty units.
! - Well, "lost"
! Between Violet's pregnancy, the adoption and dad's heart attack, I lost a lot of days at work.

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