Reporter (to postpone) conjugation

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Conjugation of eiti

Present tense
je reporte
I postpone
tu reportes
you postpone
il/elle/on reporte
he/she/it postpones
nous reportons
we postpone
vous reportez
you all postpone
ils/elles reportent
they postpone
Present perfect tense
j’ai reporté
I postponed
tu as reporté
you postponed
il/elle/on a reporté
he/she/it postponed
nous avons reporté
we postponed
vous avez reporté
you all postponed
ils/elles ont reporté
they postponed
Past imperfect tense
je reportais
I was postponing
tu reportais
you were postponing
il/elle/on reportait
he/she/it was postponing
nous reportions
we were postponing
vous reportiez
you all were postponing
ils/elles reportaient
they were postponing
Future tense
je reporterai
I will postpone
tu reporteras
you will postpone
il/elle/on reportera
he/she/it will postpone
nous reporterons
we will postpone
vous reporterez
you all will postpone
ils/elles reporteront
they will postpone
Past perfect tense
j’avais reporté
I had postponed
tu avais reporté
you had postponed
il/elle/on avait reporté
he/she/it had postponed
nous avions reporté
we had postponed
vous aviez reporté
you all had postponed
ils/elles avaient reporté
they had postponed
Past preterite tense
je reportai
I postponed
tu reportas
you postponed
il/elle/on reporta
he/she/it postponed
nous reportâmes
we postponed
vous reportâtes
you all postponed
ils/elles reportèrent
they postponed
Past anterior tense
j’eus reporté
I had postponed
tu eus reporté
you had postponed
il/elle/on eut reporté
he/she/it had postponed
nous eûmes reporté
we had postponed
vous eûtes reporté
you all had postponed
ils/elles eurent reporté
they had postponed
Future perfect tense
j’aurai reporté
I will have postponed
tu auras reporté
you will have postponed
il/elle/on aura reporté
he/she/it will have postponed
nous aurons reporté
we will have postponed
vous aurez reporté
you all will have postponed
ils/elles auront reporté
they will have postponed
Present subjunctive tense
que je reporte
that I postpone
que tu reportes
that you postpone
qu’il/elle/on reporte
that he/she/it postpone
que nous reportions
that we postpone
que vous reportiez
that you all postpone
qu’ils/elles reportent
that they postpone
Present perfect subjunctive tense
que j’aie reporté
that I have postponed
que tu aies reporté
that you have postponed
qu’il/elle/on ait reporté
that he/she/it have postponed
que nous ayons reporté
that we have postponed
que vous ayez reporté
that you all have postponed
qu’ils/elles aient reporté
that they have postponed
Imperfect subjunctive tense
que je reportasse
that I would postpone
que tu reportasses
that you would postpone
qu’il/elle/on reportât
that he/she/it would postpone
que nous reportassions
that we would postpone
que vous reportassiez
that you all would postpone
qu’ils/elles reportassent
that they would postpone
Past perfect subjunctive tense
que j’eusse reporté
that I had postponed
que tu eusses reporté
that you had postponed
qu’il/elle/on eût reporté
that he/she/it had postponed
que nous eussions reporté
that we had postponed
que vous eussiez reporté
that you all had postponed
qu’ils/elles eussent reporté
that they had postponed
Conditional mood
je reporterais
I would postpone
tu reporterais
you would postpone
il/elle/on reporterait
he/she/it would postpone
nous reporterions
we would postpone
vous reporteriez
you all would postpone
ils/elles reporteraient
they would postpone
Conditional perfect tense
j’aurais reporté
I would have postponed
tu aurais reporté
you would have postponed
il/elle/on aurait reporté
he/she/it would have postponed
nous aurions reporté
we would have postponed
vous auriez reporté
you all would have postponed
ils/elles auraient reporté
they would have postponed
Imperative mood
let's postpone!
Past perfect imperative mood
aie reporté
have postponed
ayons reporté
let's have postponed
ayez reporté
have postponed

Examples of reporter

Example in FrenchTranslation in English
"S'il n'y a pas de chance d'amélioration de mon état et que l'utilisation de machines servira uniquement à reporter le moment de ma mort, j'ordonne que les machines ... soient enlevées.""If there's no reasonable expectation of my recovery and the application of mechanical support will only serve to postpone the moment of my death, I direct that support to... be removed."
"de reporter le débat... "pour que les deux sénateurs puissent retourner au congrès... "et répondre aux besoins du pays à ce moment crucial.a postponement of the upcoming debate so that both senators may return to Capitol Hill to address the needs of the country in this crucial time.
- Comment ça, "reporter l'arrestation" ?- What do you mean "postpone the arrest"?
- Devons-nous le reporter? - Non, j'y vais.Should I tell them postpone it to tomorrow?
- Il faut reporter la diffusion.- We'll have to postpone the broadcast.
- Eh bien, reporte-le.- Well, postpone it.
- Je la reporte.- Is postponed.
- On la reporte ?- Can't we postpone it?
- On reporte le mariage ?You want to postpone, don't you?
- Si je le reporte encore,- If I postpone again,
Si vous la reportez, il y aura des troubles.If you postpone this, there will be unrest.
Si vous ne les reportez pas, postez des gardes.All due respect, if you won't postpone, at least post guards.
Si vous voulez m'aider, ne le reportez pas.Come on. If you guys want to do something for me, you won't postpone.
- Ils ont reporté son angiographie.- They postponed his angiogram.
- Je l'ai reporté.- I postponed it.
- L'appel est reporté à 10h30.- Roll-call is postponed until 10.30.
- On a reporté. - Terrible.- So we postponed the event.

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