Froufrouter (to rustle) conjugation

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Conjugation of eiti

Present tense
je froufroute
I rustle
tu froufroutes
you rustle
il/elle/on froufroute
he/she/it rustles
nous froufroutons
we rustle
vous froufroutez
you all rustle
ils/elles froufroutent
they rustle
Present perfect tense
j’ai froufrouté
I rustled
tu as froufrouté
you rustled
il/elle/on a froufrouté
he/she/it rustled
nous avons froufrouté
we rustled
vous avez froufrouté
you all rustled
ils/elles ont froufrouté
they rustled
Past imperfect tense
je froufroutais
I was rustling
tu froufroutais
you were rustling
il/elle/on froufroutait
he/she/it was rustling
nous froufroutions
we were rustling
vous froufroutiez
you all were rustling
ils/elles froufroutaient
they were rustling
Future tense
je froufrouterai
I will rustle
tu froufrouteras
you will rustle
il/elle/on froufroutera
he/she/it will rustle
nous froufrouterons
we will rustle
vous froufrouterez
you all will rustle
ils/elles froufrouteront
they will rustle
Past perfect tense
j’avais froufrouté
I had rustled
tu avais froufrouté
you had rustled
il/elle/on avait froufrouté
he/she/it had rustled
nous avions froufrouté
we had rustled
vous aviez froufrouté
you all had rustled
ils/elles avaient froufrouté
they had rustled
Past preterite tense
je froufroutai
I rustled
tu froufroutas
you rustled
il/elle/on froufrouta
he/she/it rustled
nous froufroutâmes
we rustled
vous froufroutâtes
you all rustled
ils/elles froufroutèrent
they rustled
Past anterior tense
j’eus froufrouté
I had rustled
tu eus froufrouté
you had rustled
il/elle/on eut froufrouté
he/she/it had rustled
nous eûmes froufrouté
we had rustled
vous eûtes froufrouté
you all had rustled
ils/elles eurent froufrouté
they had rustled
Future perfect tense
j’aurai froufrouté
I will have rustled
tu auras froufrouté
you will have rustled
il/elle/on aura froufrouté
he/she/it will have rustled
nous aurons froufrouté
we will have rustled
vous aurez froufrouté
you all will have rustled
ils/elles auront froufrouté
they will have rustled
Present subjunctive tense
que je froufroute
that I rustle
que tu froufroutes
that you rustle
qu’il/elle/on froufroute
that he/she/it rustle
que nous froufroutions
that we rustle
que vous froufroutiez
that you all rustle
qu’ils/elles froufroutent
that they rustle
Present perfect subjunctive tense
que j’aie froufrouté
that I have rustled
que tu aies froufrouté
that you have rustled
qu’il/elle/on ait froufrouté
that he/she/it have rustled
que nous ayons froufrouté
that we have rustled
que vous ayez froufrouté
that you all have rustled
qu’ils/elles aient froufrouté
that they have rustled
Imperfect subjunctive tense
que je froufroutasse
that I would rustle
que tu froufroutasses
that you would rustle
qu’il/elle/on froufroutât
that he/she/it would rustle
que nous froufroutassions
that we would rustle
que vous froufroutassiez
that you all would rustle
qu’ils/elles froufroutassent
that they would rustle
Past perfect subjunctive tense
que j’eusse froufrouté
that I had rustled
que tu eusses froufrouté
that you had rustled
qu’il/elle/on eût froufrouté
that he/she/it had rustled
que nous eussions froufrouté
that we had rustled
que vous eussiez froufrouté
that you all had rustled
qu’ils/elles eussent froufrouté
that they had rustled
Conditional mood
je froufrouterais
I would rustle
tu froufrouterais
you would rustle
il/elle/on froufrouterait
he/she/it would rustle
nous froufrouterions
we would rustle
vous froufrouteriez
you all would rustle
ils/elles froufrouteraient
they would rustle
Conditional perfect tense
j’aurais froufrouté
I would have rustled
tu aurais froufrouté
you would have rustled
il/elle/on aurait froufrouté
he/she/it would have rustled
nous aurions froufrouté
we would have rustled
vous auriez froufrouté
you all would have rustled
ils/elles auraient froufrouté
they would have rustled
Imperative mood
let's rustle!
Past perfect imperative mood
aie froufrouté
have rustled
ayons froufrouté
let's have rustled
ayez froufrouté
have rustled

Examples of froufrouter

Example in FrenchTranslation in English
Tout le monde est prêt à taper du pied et à froufrouter les jupons pour une nouvelle salle de consultation?Is everyone ready to kick up their heels... and rustle their petticoats... for a new outpatient lounge?
Le taffetas est une étoffe qui parle, qui froufroute.It rustles, like no other material. Taffeta.
L'herbe froufroutant au vent... l'étang se ridant sous la gifle des roseaux... le tintement des clochettes des moutons, l'appel du berger... et le meuglement des bœufs dans le lointain.With the grass rustling in the wind and the pool rippling to the waving of the reeds the tinkling sheep bells, the voice of the shepherd boy and the lowing of the cattle in the distance.

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