Enjamber (to step over) conjugation

15 examples

Conjugation of eiti

Present tense
I step over
tu enjambes
you step over
il/elle/on enjambe
he/she/it steps over
nous enjambons
we step over
vous enjambez
you all step over
ils/elles enjambent
they step over
Present perfect tense
j’ai enjambé
I stepped over
tu as enjambé
you stepped over
il/elle/on a enjambé
he/she/it stepped over
nous avons enjambé
we stepped over
vous avez enjambé
you all stepped over
ils/elles ont enjambé
they stepped over
Past imperfect tense
I was stepping over
tu enjambais
you were stepping over
il/elle/on enjambait
he/she/it was stepping over
nous enjambions
we were stepping over
vous enjambiez
you all were stepping over
ils/elles enjambaient
they were stepping over
Future tense
I will step over
tu enjamberas
you will step over
il/elle/on enjambera
he/she/it will step over
nous enjamberons
we will step over
vous enjamberez
you all will step over
ils/elles enjamberont
they will step over
Past perfect tense
j’avais enjambé
I had stepped over
tu avais enjambé
you had stepped over
il/elle/on avait enjambé
he/she/it had stepped over
nous avions enjambé
we had stepped over
vous aviez enjambé
you all had stepped over
ils/elles avaient enjambé
they had stepped over
Past preterite tense
I stepped over
tu enjambas
you stepped over
il/elle/on enjamba
he/she/it stepped over
nous enjambâmes
we stepped over
vous enjambâtes
you all stepped over
ils/elles enjambèrent
they stepped over
Past anterior tense
j’eus enjambé
I had stepped over
tu eus enjambé
you had stepped over
il/elle/on eut enjambé
he/she/it had stepped over
nous eûmes enjambé
we had stepped over
vous eûtes enjambé
you all had stepped over
ils/elles eurent enjambé
they had stepped over
Future perfect tense
j’aurai enjambé
I will have stepped over
tu auras enjambé
you will have stepped over
il/elle/on aura enjambé
he/she/it will have stepped over
nous aurons enjambé
we will have stepped over
vous aurez enjambé
you all will have stepped over
ils/elles auront enjambé
they will have stepped over
Present subjunctive tense
que j’enjambe
that I step over
que tu enjambes
that you step over
qu’il/elle/on enjambe
that he/she/it step over
que nous enjambions
that we step over
que vous enjambiez
that you all step over
qu’ils/elles enjambent
that they step over
Present perfect subjunctive tense
que j’aie enjambé
that I have stepped over
que tu aies enjambé
that you have stepped over
qu’il/elle/on ait enjambé
that he/she/it have stepped over
que nous ayons enjambé
that we have stepped over
que vous ayez enjambé
that you all have stepped over
qu’ils/elles aient enjambé
that they have stepped over
Imperfect subjunctive tense
que j’enjambasse
that I would step over
que tu enjambasses
that you would step over
qu’il/elle/on enjambât
that he/she/it would step over
que nous enjambassions
that we would step over
que vous enjambassiez
that you all would step over
qu’ils/elles enjambassent
that they would step over
Past perfect subjunctive tense
que j’eusse enjambé
that I had stepped over
que tu eusses enjambé
that you had stepped over
qu’il/elle/on eût enjambé
that he/she/it had stepped over
que nous eussions enjambé
that we had stepped over
que vous eussiez enjambé
that you all had stepped over
qu’ils/elles eussent enjambé
that they had stepped over
Conditional mood
I would step over
tu enjamberais
you would step over
il/elle/on enjamberait
he/she/it would step over
nous enjamberions
we would step over
vous enjamberiez
you all would step over
ils/elles enjamberaient
they would step over
Conditional perfect tense
j’aurais enjambé
I would have stepped over
tu aurais enjambé
you would have stepped over
il/elle/on aurait enjambé
he/she/it would have stepped over
nous aurions enjambé
we would have stepped over
vous auriez enjambé
you all would have stepped over
ils/elles auraient enjambé
they would have stepped over
Imperative mood
step over!
let's step over!
step over!
Past perfect imperative mood
aie enjambé
have stepped over
ayons enjambé
let's have stepped over
ayez enjambé
have stepped over

Examples of enjamber

Example in FrenchTranslation in English
Bien sûr, mais... tu sais, sans vrais murs, ces zizis vont juste enjamber la ligne.right? these dinks are just gonna step over the line.
Chérie, il faut l'enjamber.Honey, we have to step over it.
Eh bien le roi devra enjamber nos corps parce que nous allons sûrement défaillir de faim.Well, the king may have to step over our ghostly bodies, for we will surely faint with hunger.
J'ai dû enjamber des flaques...I had to step over puddles ...
J'ai dû enjamber son corps.Ihad to step over him.
Non ! Ne l'enjambe pas !No, don't step over it.
On les enjambe dans les entrées.We step over them in doorways.
Alors, enjambez-le.-No. So just step over him.
Tu as traversé la pièce lentement vers moi, en enjambant les cadavres. Et directement là où j'étais, comme si tu pouvais sentir qu'il en restait un vivant.You started walking across the room to me, stepping over the bodies, coming right for me, like you could...
♪ Plus grand que le monde, enjambant les gratte-ciels ♪♪ Bigger than the world, stepping over skyscrapers ♪
Hier, j'ai enjambé une flaque d'eau.Yesterday, I stepped over a puddle.
Il a enjambé le critique du Times.I mean, he stepped over the critic of the Times.
J'ai enjambé les corps d'hommes mourants, pendant qu'ils hurlaient pour leur mère, certains légèrement plus agées que le jeune Henry.I have stepped over the bodies of dying men, as they cry out for their mother, some of them not much older than young Henry there.
Je t'ai dit que hier, j'avais enjambé une flaque d'eau ?Did I tell you, yesterday, I stepped over a puddle?
Je..jé..j'étais sur un pont, j'ai enjambé la balustrade... et je...j'ai faillis sauter.I... I went on a bridge. I stepped over the railing.

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