Centrifuger (to centrifuge) conjugation

5 examples

Conjugation of eiti

Present tense
je centrifuge
I centrifuge
tu centrifuges
you centrifuge
il/elle/on centrifuge
he/she/it centrifuges
nous centrifugeons
we centrifuge
vous centrifugez
you all centrifuge
ils/elles centrifugent
they centrifuge
Present perfect tense
j’ai centrifugé
I centrifuged
tu as centrifugé
you centrifuged
il/elle/on a centrifugé
he/she/it centrifuged
nous avons centrifugé
we centrifuged
vous avez centrifugé
you all centrifuged
ils/elles ont centrifugé
they centrifuged
Past imperfect tense
je centrifugeais
I was centrifuging
tu centrifugeais
you were centrifuging
il/elle/on centrifugeait
he/she/it was centrifuging
nous centrifugions
we were centrifuging
vous centrifugiez
you all were centrifuging
ils/elles centrifugeaient
they were centrifuging
Future tense
je centrifugerai
I will centrifuge
tu centrifugeras
you will centrifuge
il/elle/on centrifugera
he/she/it will centrifuge
nous centrifugerons
we will centrifuge
vous centrifugerez
you all will centrifuge
ils/elles centrifugeront
they will centrifuge
Past perfect tense
j’avais centrifugé
I had centrifuged
tu avais centrifugé
you had centrifuged
il/elle/on avait centrifugé
he/she/it had centrifuged
nous avions centrifugé
we had centrifuged
vous aviez centrifugé
you all had centrifuged
ils/elles avaient centrifugé
they had centrifuged
Past preterite tense
je centrifugeai
I centrifuged
tu centrifugeas
you centrifuged
il/elle/on centrifugea
he/she/it centrifuged
nous centrifugeâmes
we centrifuged
vous centrifugeâtes
you all centrifuged
ils/elles centrifugèrent
they centrifuged
Past anterior tense
j’eus centrifugé
I had centrifuged
tu eus centrifugé
you had centrifuged
il/elle/on eut centrifugé
he/she/it had centrifuged
nous eûmes centrifugé
we had centrifuged
vous eûtes centrifugé
you all had centrifuged
ils/elles eurent centrifugé
they had centrifuged
Future perfect tense
j’aurai centrifugé
I will have centrifuged
tu auras centrifugé
you will have centrifuged
il/elle/on aura centrifugé
he/she/it will have centrifuged
nous aurons centrifugé
we will have centrifuged
vous aurez centrifugé
you all will have centrifuged
ils/elles auront centrifugé
they will have centrifuged
Present subjunctive tense
que je centrifuge
that I centrifuge
que tu centrifuges
that you centrifuge
qu’il/elle/on centrifuge
that he/she/it centrifuge
que nous centrifugions
that we centrifuge
que vous centrifugiez
that you all centrifuge
qu’ils/elles centrifugent
that they centrifuge
Present perfect subjunctive tense
que j’aie centrifugé
that I have centrifuged
que tu aies centrifugé
that you have centrifuged
qu’il/elle/on ait centrifugé
that he/she/it have centrifuged
que nous ayons centrifugé
that we have centrifuged
que vous ayez centrifugé
that you all have centrifuged
qu’ils/elles aient centrifugé
that they have centrifuged
Imperfect subjunctive tense
que je centrifugeasse
that I would centrifuge
que tu centrifugeasses
that you would centrifuge
qu’il/elle/on centrifugeât
that he/she/it would centrifuge
que nous centrifugeassions
that we would centrifuge
que vous centrifugeassiez
that you all would centrifuge
qu’ils/elles centrifugeassent
that they would centrifuge
Past perfect subjunctive tense
que j’eusse centrifugé
that I had centrifuged
que tu eusses centrifugé
that you had centrifuged
qu’il/elle/on eût centrifugé
that he/she/it had centrifuged
que nous eussions centrifugé
that we had centrifuged
que vous eussiez centrifugé
that you all had centrifuged
qu’ils/elles eussent centrifugé
that they had centrifuged
Conditional mood
je centrifugerais
I would centrifuge
tu centrifugerais
you would centrifuge
il/elle/on centrifugerait
he/she/it would centrifuge
nous centrifugerions
we would centrifuge
vous centrifugeriez
you all would centrifuge
ils/elles centrifugeraient
they would centrifuge
Conditional perfect tense
j’aurais centrifugé
I would have centrifuged
tu aurais centrifugé
you would have centrifuged
il/elle/on aurait centrifugé
he/she/it would have centrifuged
nous aurions centrifugé
we would have centrifuged
vous auriez centrifugé
you all would have centrifuged
ils/elles auraient centrifugé
they would have centrifuged
Imperative mood
let's centrifuge!
Past perfect imperative mood
aie centrifugé
have centrifuged
ayons centrifugé
let's have centrifuged
ayez centrifugé
have centrifuged

Examples of centrifuger

Example in FrenchTranslation in English
C'est un tube centrifuge.That is a centrifuge tube.
D'une certaine manière, simuler une centrifuge à haute vitesse.Somehow simulate a high-speed centrifuge.
Dans un atome à plusieurs électrons, la barrière centrifuge agit sur quels électrons?In an atom with multiple electrons, which electrons does the centrifuge barrier act upon?
Est-ce que tu viens de descendre de l'appareil centrifuge ?Did you just get off the centrifuge trainer?
J'ai besoin d'une centrifuge à grande vitesse pour séparer le sang du furet et l'antidote.I need a high-speed centrifuge to separate out the antibody from the ferret blood.

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