کشتن [koštán] (to kill) conjugation

116 examples
This verb can also mean the following: murder, put, put out, switch, sow, plant, switch off, cultivate

Conjugation of eiti

Present imperfect tense
I kill
you kill
he/she kills
we kill
you all kill
they kill
Present progressive tense
دارم می‌کشم
dấram mí-košam
I am killing
داری می‌کشی
dấri mí-koši
you are killing
دارد می‌کشد
dấrad mí-košad
he/she is killing
داریم می‌کشیم
dấrim mí-košim
we are killing
دارید می‌کشید
dấrid mí-košid
you all are killing
دارند می‌کشند
dấrand mí-košand
they are killing
Present perfect tense
I have killed
you have killed
he/she has killed
we have killed
you all have killed
کشته است
košté ast
they have killed
Past tense
I killed
you killed
he/she killed
we killed
you all killed
they killed
Past aorist tense
I killed
you killed
he/she killed
we killed
you all killed
they killed
Past imperfect tense
I used to kill
you used to kill
he/she used to kill
we used to kill
you all used to kill
they used to kill
Past progressive tense
داشتیم می‌کشتیم
dấštim mí-koštim
I was killing
داشتید می‌کشتید
dấštid mí-koštid
you were killing
داشتند می‌کشتند
dấštand mí-koštand
he/she was killing
داشتم می‌کشتم
dấštam mí-koštam
we were killing
داشتی می‌کشتی
dấšti mí-košti
you all were killing
داشت می‌کشت
dâšt mí-košt
they were killing
Pluperfect tense
کشته بودم
košté búdam
I had killed
کشته بودی
košté búdi
you had killed
کشته بود
košté bud
he/she had killed
کشته بودیم
košté búdim
we had killed
کشته بودید
košté búdid
you all had killed
کشته بودند
košté búdand
they had killed
Future tense
خواهم کشت
xâhám košt
I will kill
خواهی کشت
xâhí košt
you will kill
خواهد کشت
xâhád košt
he/she will kill
خواهیم کشت
xâhím košt
we will kill
خواهید کشت
xâhíd košt
you all will kill
خواهند کشت
xâhánd košt
they will kill
Imperative mood
you kill
you all kill
Subjunctive present tense
I have killed
you have killed
he/she have killed
we have killed
you all have killed
they have killed
Subjunctive past tense
کشته باشیم
košté bấšim
I kill
کشته باشید
košté bấšid
you kill
کشته باشند
košté bấšand
he/she kill
کشته باشم
košté bấšam
we kill
کشته باشی
košté bấši
you all kill
کشته باشد
košté bấšad
they kill

Examples of کشتن

Example in PersianTranslation in English
اون يارو که کيف دستي ميفروخت يه کارگر اسکله رو ديده که قرباني خودشون رو کشتنThe guy selling knock-off handbags saw a dock worker kill their victim.
نه، اين راه خوبيه که خودتو به کشتن بديThat's a good way to get killed.
براي کشتن من، توي دنيا . به اندازه کافي گلوله نيستThere aren't enough bullets in the world to kill me.
ببين "نيک"، اون شخصي که ...واسه کشتن من اجير شده اينم بگم که بنظرم موافقي واسه اينکار ."شجاعت زيادي به خرج داده "نيکLook, Nick, the person who was hired to kill me... and I think you'd agree, Nick, this shows real character.
بله، مربی فرایدی همه ی امریکا کشور منه، واسه کشتن تروریستها اینجا اومدمHooyah, instructor Friday! Country's countrywide. I came here to kill terrorists.
ميدونم ميخواي علاقه ات رو به يه پسر جوون سياه نشون بدي با يه سوداي اسپرم کشI know you just love to give a young black man like myself one of your sperm-killer sodas.
تو یه پلیس کش هستیYou're a cop killer.
! میدونی , امشب قراره یه آدم کش بشه واسه کاری که ما درحقش کردیمYou know she's gonna become a killer tonight, because of what we did to her.
زامبي کش ِ هفته بر مي گرده .به خواهر سينتياي اهل نيويورکZombie kill of the week goes to Sister Cynthia Knickerbocker.
آدم کش، نه نه اين قدرام ديونه نيستNo, he's not crazy enough to kill anybody.
تو کسی که تام والکر رو کشت میشناسی؟Do you know who killed Tom Walker?
...پسرم ...همجنس گرا بود .و خودش رو کشتMy son... was gay... and he killed himself.
کسي که بچه هاي خودش رو کشت درسته- who killed her own children. - That's right.
،لباسي که پدر رو کشت . توسط "نظام" سمي شده بودThe robe that killed father was poisoned by Nizam.
حمورباي تو يه تصادف کشته نشد ، سارگون اونو کشتHammurabi's death was no accident. Sargon killed him.
يه چيزه کشنده رو ميذاري توي دهنت اما اجازه کشتن رو بهش نميديHe puts the killing thing in his mouth... but he doesn't actually give it the power to kill him.
.آره , من ماشين کشنده ي تو هستم مامانYes, I'm your killing machine, Ma.
از 99 تا 2005 تو ماشين کشنده ! شماره يک من هستيFrom 9 to 5, you're my number-one killing machine.
، يا ميتونيم به خاطر اون درصدِ کمي که ممکنه کشنده باشه دوباره از اول بررسيش کنيمOr, on the off chance that it's killing her, we could take it again from the top.
با اونکه زمان کشنده ايه ولي احساس رضايت ميکني -The hours are killing me, though. - You feeling alright?
که همه ي دوستام کشته شدند... took my sister and killed my friends.
.ـ نه قربان سرباز "لوژان" کشته شد- No, sir. Private Lejeune was killed.
،و بعدش در پايان همه .تو يه دفترت کشته ميشيAnd then at the end of it all, you'll be killed in your office.
- - من او را کشته اند.- I killed him.
حتي اگه کسي رو کشته باشه؟Even if they've killed somebody?
‏حالا آلمانی‌ها رو تو آلمان می‌کشمNow I'm killing Germans in Germany.
.خب، پس، اونها رو هم می‌کشمWell, then I'll kill them too.
.و فکر می‌کرد من تو رو می‌کشم اگه سعی کنی منو بکشیAnd he believed that I would kill you if you tried.
و وقتی این کارو بکنم، اولین کاری که می‌کنم .دخترتو می‌کشمAnd when I do, the first thing I'm going to do is kill your daughter.
.یا باهامون میای یا همه رو می‌کشم .برام مهم نیست.You come, or I kill everybody! I don't care!
‏دکتر، بهتره کاملا مطمئن بشی که ...‏این دفعه منو می‌کشی چون اگه نکشیBut you better make damn sure you kill me this time. Because if you don't,
...اما پادشاه رو هدف بگیر که تو بهتر می‌کشی‌اشBut... shoot for the king... you'd better kill him.
.پنی- .تو اونو چه من حرف بزنم یا نزنم می‌کشی-Penny. You'll kill her whether I talk to you or not.
‏کُلی آدم می‌کشیYou kill the many.
و بعدش رگنار لاتبروک رو می‌کشیمAnd then we will kill Ragnar Lothbrok.
اين مرد، باز هم، من را کشته است؟This man has killed me even so?
زندگي رويايم را کشته استLife has killed the dream
مارتین، تو رو خدا دیگه نمی تونم منکرش بشم مثل این میمونه که خودمون پسرمون رو کشتیم-Martine, please i can't go on living like this.It's as if we'd killed our own son.
اینکه "رد" به خدای مواد مخدر تبدیل بشه. .میدونی، از وقتی که ما یکی رو کشتیم اون میخواد وودی هارلسون و ترور کنه.It's that Red, Danny, has become, like, the drug lord, you know, since we killed the other one, and he wants to assassinate Woody Harrelson, 'cause he's gonna give a speech that makes all of weed legal,
.اما،نه ما آقای برنز رو کشتیمBut, no, we killed Mr. Burns.
‏و حالا مطمئنی که همشون رو کشتیم ؟And you're sure we've killed every last one of them?
ما یکی از اونا رو کشتیمWe killed one of them.
مردی که شما کشتید، زن و بچه داشت.The man you killed had a wife and kid!
اون فکر می‌کنه که شما شوهرش رو کشتید شما رو مقصر می‌دونهShe believes that you have killed her husband;
.افراد احمق تو تقريبا همه ما رو کشتندYour idiots nearly killed us all.
اونا پسره رو کشتند !They killed the boy!
و هر کدام از آن دو خواهر قبلا پنج نفر را کشتندAnd each of those two Sisters had previously killed five.
اون ها شکار مي کنند و مي کشند اون ها به خون معتادند، بعدش سعي نمي کنن که برگردن اين حيوون ها شوهر من رو کشتند و حالا هم نوبت پسرمه؟the ones coming after us when they change do they... they hunt and they kill they're addicted to blood... once you feed you can't go back... those beasts killed my husband and now they're after my son... how is a 13 year old boy going to end all of this?
.ميدونم که اونو کشتندI know they killed her.
من پدرم رو کشتمI killed my father.
.اين ميگه که من شاه رو کشتمThis says I killed the king.
من خواب ديدم تو رو کشتم آگاتاI dreamt that I killed you, Ag.
من "کلر" رو کشتمI killed Keller.
من امروز يه پسر رو کشتمI killed a boy today.
تو ، ویل و پدر مادرتو کشتی ، تو مرگباریYou killed Will and your parents. You're deadly.
.فکر کنم که قبلآ ادم کشتیI think you've killed before.
تو افسرهای توی کشتی رو کُشتی؟You--you killed the officers on the ship.
تو 3 تا آدم کشتی؟You killed three people?
شما باید منو تو بندگاه می کشتی، کارآگاه.You should have killed me in that dockyard, Detective.
...من "مامان" رو کشتم .و تو رو هم مي کشم...I killed Maman, and I'll kill you too.
.و فهميدم تنها وقتي که مي کشم آرامش دارمI knew peace only when I killed.
،اگرچه تو به راحتی آدم می کشی ولی خودت به این راحتی کشته نمیشیThough you can so easily kill, you yourself cannot be easily killed
اینکه یکی از همنوعان مارو بُکشی جلوتو نگرفتمBefore you killed one of our own,
بنا بر ادعا خانم "استرود" بعد از ربوده شدن در شب هالوين مايکل مايرز" رو با شليک گلوله مي کشد" ...Miss Strode allegedly shot and killed Myers herself after being abducted on Halloween night.
می کشیم یا کشته می شیمWe kill or be killed.
،من خودمو تبدیل به خون آشام کردم که تو رو گیر بیارم ،تا کاراتو تلافی کنم ...تا به هر مدّتی که طول می کشید تا پیدات کنمI had myself turned into a vampire to hunt you, to even the playing field, to track your every move for however long it took me until I found you, and I did this because you killed my mother.
وکیل هاش از من خواستن تا معاینه اش کنم. ... و بعد از اینکه کارش تموم شد پرید روی درخت های همون جنگلی که اون رو کشت. و مثل یه سگ زوزه کشید.His lawyers asked me to have a look at him because after his deeds were done he climbed into the trees of the forest where he killed her and howled like a dog.
اون ها شکار مي کنند و مي کشند اون ها به خون معتادند، بعدش سعي نمي کنن که برگردن اين حيوون ها شوهر من رو کشتند و حالا هم نوبت پسرمه؟the ones coming after us when they change do they... they hunt and they kill they're addicted to blood... once you feed you can't go back... those beasts killed my husband and now they're after my son... how is a 13 year old boy going to end all of this?
سناتورها و رئيس جمهورها آدم نمي کشند- Why? They don't have men killed.
اونا حتما اونو مي کشند.That will get her killed for sure.
من بچه هام رو کشته بودمI had killed my children.
عشقي که کم خيلي وقت پيش ... تو خودم کشته بودم..the love that l had killed within me long back.
من اين گربه رو کشته بودمWhat? I had killed the cat.
پسري که در حمله‌اي بي‌رحمانه کشته بودSome boy he had killed in a vicious attack
چند نفر نجات مي يافتن اگر اون روز دميستوکليس اون پسر رو کشته بودHow many men would have been saved... if Themistokles had killed that boy?
به نظر من این بربریته اگه عاشقه، شوهره رو کشته بود چی؟Sounds like barbarism to me. What if the lover had killed the husband?
...اونا منو توي يه سلولي انداختن .که "جاني پاپاس" خودش رو کشته بودThey put me down in the cooler where Johnnie Pappas had killed himself.
اگه سنت جرج به جاي يه اژدها، يه سنجاقک رو کشته بود کي به خاطرش مي سپرد؟If St. George had killed a dragonfly instead of a dragon, who would remember him?
! امشب همتون رو خواهم کشتTonight, I will kill all of you!
من هوو با رو براي آسايش يان گوو خواهم کشتI will kill Hu Ba for the sake of Yan Guo
چطور جرات ميکني از ديوانگي پادشاه حرف بزني من تو رو خواهم کشتYou dare to speak ill of the King anymore I will kill you
! همتون رو خواهم کشتI will kill all of you!
. من کامودوس رو خواهم کشتI will kill Commodus.
...و زندگیهای دوستانت .منو خواهی کشت-If you value your lives and the lives of your kind, you will kill me.
. و اون , شما رو خواهد کشتAnd he will kill you.
نباید بهش اعتماد کنی اون برادرت رو کشته و تو رو هم خواهد کشتYou must not trust her. She killed your brother and she will kill you.
اون اشباح رو خواهد کشتIt will kill Phantoms.
اکتاوين اون رو خواهد کشت- نه-- Octavian will kill him. - No.
اگر سعي کني کمک کني او تو رو خواهد کشتIf you try to help, he will kill you.
خوب بذار ببينيم آيا اونا منو به خاطر اصلاح کردن شهر ممنوعه خواهند کشتWell, let us see if they will kill me for reforming the Forbidden City. Lord Chamberlain.
اونا اينو يه بار سعي کردن و تورو خواهند کشتThey tried it before and they will kill you.
اگه بمونيد اونا شمارو خواهند کشت- جراتش رو ندارند-- They will kill you if you stay. - They wouldn't dare.
گلوله ها به سرعت ما رو خواهند کشتThe bullets will kill us all quickly.
و اگه ما دخالت نکنيم اونو خواهند کشتAnd if we don't step in, they will kill him.
ميتونستم همشون را بکشم , ميتونم تو را هم بکشمI could have killed'em all. I could have killed you.
الان می تونم تور بکشم دیگه دوستت ندارم (همشون همینطوری هستن)I could have killed you. No I love you more.
مي‌تونستم آرتور ميچل رو بکشم در اولين فرصتي که پيدا کرده بودمI could have killed Arthur Mitchell the first chance I got.
الان که به شما وفادارم. اگه بهم فرصت می دادی .حاضر بودم پروفسور رو خودم برات بکشمWould have killed the professor if you'd given me the chance.
.ممکن بود تو رو بکشمI could have killed you.
برو يه چيزي بکشGo kill something.
خوب منُ همينجا بکشJust kill me here. Why should I make it easy?
بيا منو بکشCome on, kill me!
خب، برو همه رو بکش -- Well, go ahead and kill everybody!
فقط منو بکشJust kill me.
امکان داشت ما رو بکشند !They could have killed us!
امکان داشت ما رو بکشندThey could have killed us!
امکان داشت ما رو بکشند -They could have killed us.
من فکر ميکنم اونا ممکنه کلانترو کشته باشندI think they might have killed the sheriff.
...من فکر ميکنم اونا ممکنه کشته باشندI think they might have killed...
بیشتر شبیه این بود که اونا همدیگه رو کشته باشندIt almost looked like they killed each other.
که من يه نفر رو کشته باشم؟Could I have killed someone?
.به نظر نمياد من اونو کشته باشم .يک ساعت پيش اين کارو با خودش کردIt's not like I killed him. He did it to himself about an hour ago.
.من نکشتمش.نميتونم کشته باشم .گلدون واقعي نبودI didn't kill him. I couldn't have. The plate, it wasn't real.
اين دليل نميشه که من اونو کشته باشمIt doesn't mean I killed him.
ولي اين دليل نميشه که کسي رو کشته باشمBut that doesn't mean I killed anybody.
غیرممکنه تو اون آدما رو کشته باشیYou couldn't have possibly killed those people.

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