Sunset etymology


English word sunset comes from English set, English sun

Etymology of sunset

Detailed word origin of sunset

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set English (en) (UK, education) To divide a class group in a subject according to ability (of hair) Fixed in a certain style.. Fixed in one’s opinion.. Fixed in position.. Intent, determined (to do something).. Prearranged.. Ready, prepared.. Rigid, solidified. (Scotland) To suit; to become.. (ambitransitive) To fit music to words.. (ambitransitive) To place plants or shoots in the ground; to plant.. [...]
sun English (en) (astronomy) A star, especially when seen as the centre of any single solar system.. (cartomancy) The thirty-first Lenormand card.. (chiefly, literary) Sunrise or sunset.. (figurative) Something like the sun in brightness or splendor.. The light and warmth which is received from the sun.. The nineteenth trump/major arcana card of the Tarot. The star that the Earth revolves around and from [...]
sunset English (en) (business, politics, transitive) To phase out. (attributively) Having a set termination date.. (figuratively) The final period of the life of a person or thing.. The changes in color of the sky at sunset.. The region where the sun sets; the west.. The time of day when the sun disappears below the western horizon.