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English word responsible comes from Latin spondeo, Latin re-, Latin re (About, regarding, with reference to.)

Etymology of responsible

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spondeo Latin (lat) I guarantee. I promise for another; I become security for a person, enter bail.. I promise or engage in marriage, betroth.. I promise, bind or pledge myself, contract, vow.
re- Latin (lat) Again; prefix added to various words to indicate an action being done again, or like the other usages indicated above under English.. Back, backwards.
re Latin (lat) About, regarding, with reference to.
respondeo Latin (lat) (figuratively) I measure up. (of a sound) I re-echo, resound. I am present, I appear, attend. I make a return, yield. I meet or answer (a charge). I meet, agree, accord or correspond with, conform to, answer for. I reply, answer, respond.
responsus Latin (lat)
responsable French (fr) Person in charge Responsible.
responsible English (en) Able to be trusted; reliable; trustworthy.. Answerable for an act performed or for its consequences; accountable; amenable, especially legally or politically.. Being a primary cause or agent of some event or action; capable of being credited for something, or of being held liable for something.. Capable of responding to any reasonable claim; able to answer reasonably for one's conduct and [...]

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