Choir etymology


English word choir comes from Latin re (About, regarding, with reference to.), Latin qua, Proto-Indo-European *ḱr̥d-, Ancient Greek χορός

Etymology of choir

Detailed word origin of choir

Dictionary entry Language Definition
re Latin (lat) About, regarding, with reference to.
qua Latin (lat) In so far as. In what way, how, by what method; to what degree or extent. On which side, at or in which place, in what direction, where, by what way (qua...ea...). As; in the capacity or character of.
*ḱr̥d- Proto-Indo-European (ine)
χορός Ancient Greek (grc)
*kord Proto-Italic (itc-pro) Heart.
chorus Latin (lat) Chorus (all forms).
quare Latin (lat) (interrogative) by what means, how. (interrogative) from what cause, on what account, why, wherefore. (relative) by which means, whereby. (relative) therefore, and so, hence, for this reason.
cordis Latin (lat)
cuer Old French (fro) (anatomy) heart. (figuratively, by extension) heart (loving/romantic feelings).
quere Middle English (enm)
choir English (en) (Christian angelology) One of the nine ranks or orders of angels.. (architecture) The part of a church where the choir assembles for song.. Set of strings (one per note) for a harpsichord.. Singing group; group of people who sing together; company of people who are trained to sing together.