Rendezvous etymology


English word rendezvous comes from French rendre, French vous, French rendez, and later French rendez-vous (Appointment. Date. Rendezvous.)

Etymology of rendezvous

Detailed word origin of rendezvous

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rendre French (fr) (reflexive) to call on (someone) (with chez). (reflexive) to make one's way (to a place), to get oneself (into a place) (with dans). (reflexive) to surrender. To give back; to return. To make. To pay (a visit). To render.
vous French (fr) (direct object pronoun) You.. (subject pronoun) You.. The plural or singular personal pronoun in the second person, at the polite form:. The plural personal pronoun in the second person:. You, to you (indirect object pronoun).
rendez French (fr)
rendez-vous French (fr) Appointment. Date. Rendezvous.
rendezvous English (en) (military) The appointed place for troops, or for the ships of a fleet, to assemble; also, a place for enlistment.. (obsolete) Retreat, refuge.. A meeting or date.. A place appointed for a meeting, or at which persons customarily meet.. An agreement to meet; a location or time agreed upon to meet. To meet at an agreed time and place.