Primary etymology


English word primary comes from Latin primus ((ordinal) first.), Latin -arium

Etymology of primary

Detailed word origin of primary

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primus Latin (lat) (ordinal) first.
-arium Latin (lat) Used to form nouns denoting a "place where things are kept" from other nouns.
primarius Latin (lat) One of the first, or first rank, chief, principal, excellent, remarkable. It was used as the title of a position in universities.
primary English (en) (chemistry) Illustrating, possessing, or characterized by, some quality or property in the first degree; having undergone the first stage of substitution or replacement.. (geology) Earliest formed; fundamental.. (medicine) Relating to day-to-day care provided by health professionals such as nurses, general practitioners, dentists etc.. (medicine) Relating to the place where a disorder or [...]

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