Bitter etymology


English word bitter comes from Proto-Indo-European *bʰidrós, and later Proto-Germanic *bitraz (Bitter.)

Etymology of bitter

Detailed word origin of bitter

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*bʰidrós Proto-Indo-European (ine)
*bitraz Proto-Germanic (gem-pro) Bitter.
biter Old English (ca. 450-1100) (ang) Bitter (taste etc.). Bitter, severe, painful, biting.
bitter Middle English (1100-1500) (enm)
bitter English (en) To make bitter. Cynical and resentful.. Harsh, piercing or stinging.. Hateful or hostile.. Having an acrid taste (usually from a basic substance). (nautical) A turn of a cable about the bitts.. (usually in the plural bitters) A liquid or powder, made from bitter herbs, used in mixed drinks or as a tonic.. A type of beer heavily flavored with hops.