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English word patronize comes from English patron, English -ize

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patron English (en) (obsolete) To be a patron of; to patronize; to favour. (UK, ecclestiastical) One who has gift and disposition of a benefice.. (historical, Roman antiquity) A master who had freed his slave but still retained some paternal rights over him.. (nautical) A padrone.. .. A property owner who hires a contractor for construction works.. A regular customer, as of a certain store or restaurant.. An [...]
-ize English (en) Used to form verbs from nouns or adjectives, the verbs having the sense of "to make what is denoted by the noun/adjective".
patronize English (en) (transitive) To act as a patron; to protect, defend, support.. (transitive) To assume a tone of unjustified superiority; to talk down to; to treat condescendingly.. (transitive) To make a patron.. (transitive) To make oneself a customer of a business, especially a regular customer.

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