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English word mishap comes from English mis- (Bad or wrong; badly or wrongly. In error. Lack or failure.), English hap

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mis- English (en) Bad or wrong; badly or wrongly. In error. Lack or failure.
hap English (en) Any of the cichlid fishes of the tribe Haplochromini. (dialect) To wrap, clothe. (intransitive, literary) to happen; to befall; to chance.. (transitive, literary) To happen to. (UK, Scotland, Western Pennsylvania, dialect) A wrap, such as a quilt or a comforter. Also, a small or folded blanket placed on the end of a bed to keep feet warm. (archaic) That which happens; an occurrence or [...]
mishap English (en) (archaic) To happen through misfortune; to mishappen. An accident, mistake, or problem.. Evil accident; ill luck; misfortune; mischance.

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