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English word miscarriage comes from English mis- (Bad or wrong; badly or wrongly. In error. Lack or failure.), English carriage

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mis- English (en) Bad or wrong; badly or wrongly. In error. Lack or failure.
carriage English (en) (British) A rail car, especially one designed for the conveyance of passengers.. (British) A stroller; a baby carriage.. (US, New England) A shopping cart.. (archaic) One's behaviour, or way of conducting oneself towards others.. (archaic) That which is carried, baggage. (now, _, rare) A manner of walking and moving in general; how one carries oneself, bearing, gait.. A wheeled vehicle, [...]
miscarriage English (en) (now, _, rare, _, except in miscarriage of justice) A failure; a mistake or error. [from 16th c.]. The spontaneous natural termination of a pregnancy; the fatal expulsion of a foetus from the womb before term. [from 17th c.].

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