Maestro etymology


English word maestro comes from Latin magis (Better. More. More greatly. Rather.), Latin -ter (-ly; used to form adverbs from adjectives.), Latin -ester, Latin mag-, Latin glomeria, Proto-Indo-European *-tero-

Etymology of maestro

Detailed word origin of maestro

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magis Latin (lat) Better. More. More greatly. Rather.
-ter Latin (lat) -ly; used to form adverbs from adjectives.
-ester Latin (lat)
mag- Latin (lat)
glomeria Latin (lat) (Medieval, now historical) Glomery: formal Latin grammar, as taught in grammar schools.
*-tero- Proto-Indo-European (ine)
magester Old Latin (itc-ola)
magistrum Latin (lat)
maestro Italian (it) (music) conductor. Mast. Master (male). Teacher (male) Main, most important. Proficient, accomplished, expert.
maestro English (en) A master in some art, especially a composer or conductor.

Words with the same origin as maestro

Descendants of magis

headmaster master mister mistress

Descendants of *-tero-

magistrate veal veteran weather with