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English word headmaster comes from English master, English head

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master English (en) (by extension) A person holding a similar office in other civic societies.. (dated) A man or a boy; mister. See Master.. (dated) A schoolmaster.. (dated) The head of a household.. (engineering) A device that is controlling other devices or is an authoritative source (e.g. master database).. (film) The primary wide shot of a scene, into which the closeups will be edited later.. (freemasonry) [...]
head English (en) (fishing) To remove the head from a fish.. (intransitive) To form a head.. (intransitive) To move in a specified direction.. (intransitive) To originate; to spring; to have its course, as a river.. (obsolete) To behead; to decapitate.. (transitive) To be in command of. (See also head up.). (transitive) To strike with the head; as in soccer, to head the ball. To cut off the top of; to lop [...]
headmaster English (en) (chiefly, UK) A male school principal.

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