Exploit etymology


English word exploit comes from Latin plico, Middle French explicquer (To explain.)

Etymology of exploit

Detailed word origin of exploit

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plico Latin (lat) (transitive) I arrive (this meaning comes from sailors, for whom the folding of a ship’s sails meant arrival on land). (transitive) I fold, bend or flex; I roll up.
explicquer Middle French (frm) To explain.
explico Latin (lat) (of speech) I develop, set forth, exhibit. I deploy, extend, display. I disentangle, solve, settle, arrange, regulate, adjust. I explain. I unfold, unfurl, uncoil, loosen, undo.
expliquer French (fr) To explain.
explicitus Latin (lat)
esploitier Old French (fro) To use; to make use of.
exploit English (en) (computing) A program or technique that exploits a vulnerability in other software.. A heroic or extraordinary deed.. An achievement. (transitive) To forcibly deprive someone of something to which she or he has a natural right.. (transitive) To use for one’s own advantage.

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