Dynamic etymology


English word dynamic comes from Ancient Greek περί, Ancient Greek στέλλω, Ancient Greek δύναμαι, and later French dynamique (Dynamic, energetic.)

Etymology of dynamic

Detailed word origin of dynamic

Dictionary entry Language Definition
περί Ancient Greek (grc)
στέλλω Ancient Greek (grc)
δύναμαι Ancient Greek (grc)
περιστέλλω Ancient Greek (grc)
δύναμις Ancient Greek (grc)
δυναμικός Ancient Greek (grc)
dynamique French (fr) Dynamic, energetic.
dynamic English (en) (computing) Happening at runtime instead of being predetermined at compile time.. (grammar) Of a verb: not stative, but fientive; indicating continued or progressive action on the part of the subject.. (music) Having to do with the volume of sound.. Able to change and adapt.. Changing; active; in motion.. Pertaining to dynamics, the branch of mechanics concerned with the effects of forces on [...]