Drum etymology


English word drum comes from Middle Dutch (ca. 1050-1350) slach, Middle Dutch (ca. 1050-1350) trommel, and later English drumslade (Drum. Drummer.)

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Dictionary entry Language Definition
slach Middle Dutch (ca. 1050-1350) (dum)
trommel Middle Dutch (ca. 1050-1350) (dum)
trommelslach Middle Dutch (ca. 1050-1350) (dum)
drumslade English (en) Drum. Drummer.
drum English (en) (ambitransitive) To beat with a rapid succession of strokes.. (intransitive) To beat a drum.. (transitive) To drill or review in an attempt to establish memorization.. To go about, as a drummer does, to gather recruits, to draw or secure partisans, customers, etc.; used with for.. To throb, as the heart. (AU, _, slang) A tip, a piece of information.. (architecture) Any of the cylindrical [...]

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boom buzz popcorn