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English word popcorn comes from English corn, English popped

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corn English (en) (uncountable) A type of granular snow formed by repeated melting and re-freezing, often in mountain spring conditions. (British, uncountable) The main cereal plant grown for its grain in a given region, such as oats in parts of Scotland and Ireland, and wheat or barley in England and Wales.. (US, Canada, Australia, uncountable) Maize, a grain crop of the species Zea mays.. A grain or seed, [...]
popped English (en)
popcorn English (en) To stand up or jump up quickly. (chiefly, uncountable) A snack food made from corn/maize kernels popped by dry heating.. (chiefly, uncountable) A type of maize with a hard outer hull that, along with the type of starch it contains, makes it suitable for popping.. (knitting) A kind of stitch similar to a bobble.

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