Combine etymology


English word combine comes from Latin bini, Latin binus, Latin com-, Latin combinatum, and later Latin combino (I combine, unite.)

Etymology of combine

Detailed word origin of combine

Dictionary entry Language Definition
bini Latin (lat)
binus Latin (lat) (chiefly plural) in pairs. (chiefly plural) two each. Double, twofold, binary.
com- Latin (lat)
combinatum Latin (lat)
combino Latin (lat) I combine, unite.
combinare Late Latin (LL)
combiner Middle French (frm) To combine (to mix; to put things together).
combine English (en) (card games) In the game of casino, to play a card which will take two or more cards whose aggregate number of pips equals those of the card played.. (intransitive) To come together; to unite.. (obsolete) To bind; to hold by a moral tie.. (transitive) To bring (two or more things or activities) together; to unite.. (transitive) To have two or more things or properties that function together. [...]

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