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English word cancel comes from Latin cancer (A crab. A lattice, grid, or barrier. A tumor, cancer.)

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cancer Latin (lat) A crab. A lattice, grid, or barrier. A tumor, cancer.
cancellus Latin (lat) Bars, barrier. Lattice, grate, grid. Railings.
cancelli Latin (lat)
cancello Latin (lat) I make like a lattice, cover with a lattice or grid. I strike or cross out, cancel.
canceler Anglo-Norman (xno)
cancellen Middle English (1100-1500) (enm)
cancel English (en) (obsolete) To shut out, as with a railing or with latticework; to exclude.. (printing, dated) To suppress or omit; to strike out, as matter in type.. (slang) To kill.. (transitive) To cross out something with lines etc.. (transitive) To invalidate or annul something.. (transitive) To mark something (such as a used postage stamp) so that it can't be reused.. (transitive) To offset or equalize [...]

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