Käse etymology


German word Käse comes from Ancient Greek μορφή, Proto-Indo-European *kwat-, Georgian კაწახი (Sour, unripe.), English ricotta

Etymology of Käse

Detailed word origin of Käse

Dictionary entry Language Definition
μορφή Ancient Greek (grc)
*kwat- Proto-Indo-European (ine)
კაწახი Georgian (kat) Sour, unripe.
ricotta English (en) A soft Italian unsalted whey cheese resembling cottage cheese.
forma Latin (lat) A map. Appearance. Beauty. Shape; figure; form.
formare Latin (lat)
caseus Latin (lat) Cheese.
*kāsijaz Proto-Germanic (gem-pro) (Northwest Germanic) cheese.
chāsi Old High German (goh)
Käse German (de) (informal) nonsense. Cheese.