Elfydd etymology


Welsh word elfydd comes from Proto-Indo-European *álbʰos, Proto-Indo-European *h₂elbʰós (White.)

Etymology of elfydd

Detailed word origin of elfydd

Dictionary entry Language Definition
*álbʰos Proto-Indo-European (ine)
*h₂elbʰós Proto-Indo-European (ine) White.
*albiyū Proto-Celtic (cel-pro) Britain. Alpine pasture. High mountain (especially in the Alps), alp. Luminous world, upper world, (the habitable surface of the) world.
*ėlβɨð Proto-Brythonic (cel-bry-pro) World.
elbid Old Welsh (owl) District. Earth. Land, country. World.
eluit Middle Welsh (wlm)
eluit, eluyd Middle Welsh (wlm)
elfydd Welsh (cym)