Acknowledgments for Cooljugator

We have made Cooljugator with the help of lots of great many tools, resources and helpful volunteers. This page serves to list and acknowledge some of those who have contributed.

Tools, resources and software Cooljugator has used

Our website is written in the standard web stack (HTML5, CSS3 and JavaScript), and we also use the prepossessing Semantic UI framework with some custom modifications for the website's design. Our backend is served by either NodeJS (with the Pug package) or PHP. Data is stored in PostgreSQL, in RethinkDB and some of it is partially converted to MariaSQL. Many of our tasks are automated with Python! Cooljugator is hosted at Digital Ocean, and we partially use User Voice for gathering feedback.

We have drawn from Wiktionary and similar open access online resources for some conjugation patterns and other information in a number of languages. We have also used existing open source solutions (most importantly Gramtool and Hunspell), aiming to allow interoperability with other resources wherever possible.

Many of the examples have been extracted from the Open Parallel Corpus (OPUS) collection. In particular, we have made extensive use of the OpenSubtitles2016, EU Book Shop, DGT and Tatoeba corpora.

Proofreading Cooljugator

We would like to deeply thank these volunteers who have helped with ensuring the quality of Cooljugator, listed in no particular order:


  • David - for donating
  • Jean Jacques - for donating
  • Ken - for donating
  • Nicholas - for supporting Cooljugator by offering to contribute and donate


  • Kaur - for checking the translations of our top Estonian verbs


  • Florian - for checking, verifying, correcting our top German verbs and examples


  • Roubina - for proofreading and retranslating hundreds of our Modern Greek verbs


  • Tony Hillerson - for proofreading and correcting the translations of all our Latvian verbs


  • Alexander (Lithuanian name: Aleksandras Jokūbas Keliauninkas) - for contributing the manually-corrected forms and translations for thousands of Lithuanian verbs


  • M.Hossein - for helping us proofread and correct hundreds of Persian verbs


  • Gözde - for proofreading and correcting the translations of our top Turkish verbs

Many more remain unlisted here, but have contributed much - for which we are grateful.

In addition, we would like to also thank you - our users and readers, for using the website, for submitting feedback, for donating, and generally for bearing with us.

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