Storcersi (to twist) conjugation

7 examples

Conjugation of eiti

Present tense
mi storco
I twist
ti storci
you twist
si storce
he/she/it twists
ci storciamo
we twist
vi storcete
you all twist
si storcono
they twist
Present perfect tense
mi sono storto
I have twisted
ti sei storto
you have twisted
si è storto
he/she/it has twisted
ci siamo storti
we have twisted
vi siete storti
you all have twisted
si sono storti
they have twisted
Past preterite tense
mi storsi
I twisted
ti storcesti
you twisted
si storse
he/she/it twisted
ci storcemmo
we twisted
vi storceste
you all twisted
si tersero
they twisted
Future tense
mi storcerò
I will twist
ti storcerai
you will twist
si storcerà
he/she/it will twist
ci storceremo
we will twist
vi storcerete
you all will twist
si storceranno
they will twist
Conditional mood
mi storcerei
I would twist
ti storceresti
you would twist
si storcerebbe
he/she/it would twist
ci storceremmo
we would twist
vi storcereste
you all would twist
si storcerebbero
they would twist
Past impf. tense
mi storcevo
I used to twist
ti storcevi
you used to twist
si storceva
he/she/it used to twist
ci storcevamo
we used to twist
vi storcevate
you all used to twist
si storcevano
they used to twist
Past perfect tense
mi ero storto
I had twisted
ti eri storto
you had twisted
si era storto
he/she/it had twisted
ci eravamo storti
we had twisted
vi eravate storti
you all had twisted
si erano storti
they had twisted
Future perfect tense
mi sarò storto
I will have twisted
ti sarai storto
you will have twisted
si sarà storto
he/she/it will have twisted
ci saremo storti
we will have twisted
vi sarete storti
you all will have twisted
si saranno storti
they will have twisted
Present subjunctive tense
mi storca
(if/so that) I twist
ti storca
(if/so that) you twist
si storca
(if/so that) he/she/it twist
ci storciamo
(if/so that) we twist
vi storciate
(if/so that) you all twist
si storcano
(if/so that) they twist
Present perf. subjunctive tense
mi sia storto
I have twisted
ti sia storto
you have twisted
si sia storto
he/she/it has twisted
ci siamo storti
we have twisted
vi siate storti
you all have twisted
si siano storti
they have twisted
Imperative mood
si storca
let's twist!
si storcano
Conditional perfect tense
mi sarei storto
I would have twisted
ti saresti storto
you would have twisted
si sarebbe storto
he/she/it would have twisted
ci saremmo storti
we would have twisted
vi sareste storti
you all would have twisted
si sarebbero storti
they would have twisted

Examples of storcersi

Example in ItalianTranslation in English
I nostri ragazzi non possono storcersi le caviglie.- I mean, you can't have our guys out there twisting ankles.
Ma si storce non appena lo lego.But it twists when I tie it off.
- Ho storto il ginocchio mentre rincorrevo il fulmine.I twisted my knee when I was tackling lightning.
- Mi ha storto il naso.- He twisted my nose.
- Ti ha storto il braccio. - Gia'.- She twisted your arm?
Amico, mi sono storto una caviglia!Man, I twisted my ankle!
Che ti e' capitato a quell'occhio, che e' tutto cosi' storto?What happened to your eye that got all twisted that way?

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