Mengada-ada (to trump up) conjugation


Conjugation of eiti

Present tense
I trump up
Present perfect tense
sudah mengada-ada
I have trumped up
Future perfect tense
akan sudah mengada-ada
I will have trumped up
Past tense
sudah mengada-ada
I trumped up
Future recent tense
mengada-ada nanti
I will trump up
Future distant tense
mengada-ada kelak
I am going to trump up
Present continuous tense
sedang mengada-ada
I trump up
Past distant tense
dulu mengada-ada
I (a long time ago) trumped up
Past recent tense
mengada-ada tadi
I (recently) trumped up
Past very recent tense
baru saja mengada-ada
I (just now) trumped up

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