Requinquer (to perk) conjugation

10 examples

Conjugation of eiti

Present tense
je requinque
I perk
tu requinques
you perk
il/elle/on requinque
he/she/it perks
nous requinquons
we perk
vous requinquez
you all perk
ils/elles requinquent
they perk
Present perfect tense
j’ai requinqué
I perked
tu as requinqué
you perked
il/elle/on a requinqué
he/she/it perked
nous avons requinqué
we perked
vous avez requinqué
you all perked
ils/elles ont requinqué
they perked
Past imperfect tense
je requinquais
I was perking
tu requinquais
you were perking
il/elle/on requinquait
he/she/it was perking
nous requinquions
we were perking
vous requinquiez
you all were perking
ils/elles requinquaient
they were perking
Future tense
je requinquerai
I will perk
tu requinqueras
you will perk
il/elle/on requinquera
he/she/it will perk
nous requinquerons
we will perk
vous requinquerez
you all will perk
ils/elles requinqueront
they will perk
Past perfect tense
j’avais requinqué
I had perked
tu avais requinqué
you had perked
il/elle/on avait requinqué
he/she/it had perked
nous avions requinqué
we had perked
vous aviez requinqué
you all had perked
ils/elles avaient requinqué
they had perked
Past preterite tense
je requinquai
I perked
tu requinquas
you perked
il/elle/on requinqua
he/she/it perked
nous requinquâmes
we perked
vous requinquâtes
you all perked
ils/elles requinquèrent
they perked
Past anterior tense
j’eus requinqué
I had perked
tu eus requinqué
you had perked
il/elle/on eut requinqué
he/she/it had perked
nous eûmes requinqué
we had perked
vous eûtes requinqué
you all had perked
ils/elles eurent requinqué
they had perked
Future perfect tense
j’aurai requinqué
I will have perked
tu auras requinqué
you will have perked
il/elle/on aura requinqué
he/she/it will have perked
nous aurons requinqué
we will have perked
vous aurez requinqué
you all will have perked
ils/elles auront requinqué
they will have perked
Present subjunctive tense
que je requinque
that I perk
que tu requinques
that you perk
qu’il/elle/on requinque
that he/she/it perk
que nous requinquions
that we perk
que vous requinquiez
that you all perk
qu’ils/elles requinquent
that they perk
Present perfect subjunctive tense
que j’aie requinqué
that I have perked
que tu aies requinqué
that you have perked
qu’il/elle/on ait requinqué
that he/she/it have perked
que nous ayons requinqué
that we have perked
que vous ayez requinqué
that you all have perked
qu’ils/elles aient requinqué
that they have perked
Imperfect subjunctive tense
que je requinquasse
that I would perk
que tu requinquasses
that you would perk
qu’il/elle/on requinquât
that he/she/it would perk
que nous requinquassions
that we would perk
que vous requinquassiez
that you all would perk
qu’ils/elles requinquassent
that they would perk
Past perfect subjunctive tense
que j’eusse requinqué
that I had perked
que tu eusses requinqué
that you had perked
qu’il/elle/on eût requinqué
that he/she/it had perked
que nous eussions requinqué
that we had perked
que vous eussiez requinqué
that you all had perked
qu’ils/elles eussent requinqué
that they had perked
Conditional mood
je requinquerais
I would perk
tu requinquerais
you would perk
il/elle/on requinquerait
he/she/it would perk
nous requinquerions
we would perk
vous requinqueriez
you all would perk
ils/elles requinqueraient
they would perk
Conditional perfect tense
j’aurais requinqué
I would have perked
tu aurais requinqué
you would have perked
il/elle/on aurait requinqué
he/she/it would have perked
nous aurions requinqué
we would have perked
vous auriez requinqué
you all would have perked
ils/elles auraient requinqué
they would have perked
Imperative mood
let's perk!
Past perfect imperative mood
aie requinqué
have perked
ayons requinqué
let's have perked
ayez requinqué
have perked

Examples of requinquer

Example in FrenchTranslation in English
Ceci va peut-être te requinquer.Maybe this will perk you up.
Désolé, je vais requinquer lors du match.Sorry, l'Il perk up at the game.
Il va se requinquer.He'll perk up.
J'ai une nouvelle concernant Alex et moi qui va te requinquer.Here's some news that might perk you up. Xander and I have an announcement. - Anya!
L'alcool de myrte va vous requinquer.- Myrthe brandy will perk you up.
- Ca la requinque aussitôt.- It'll perk her right up. - Really?
Alors on va cacher les couteaux jusqu'à ce qu'il se requinque.Then we hide the knives until he perks up.
Quand je me sens faible, je prends juste de la teinture d'hélonias, ou un peu d'arsenic, si c'est tout ce que j'ai, et ça me requinque.When I feel weak I just take a tincture of helonias, or some arsenicum, if that's all I've got, and I perk right up.
Ça la requinque à chaque visite de sa fille et de sa petite-fille, Lily.She always perks up whenever her daughter drops by with her granddaughter, Lily.
Ça me requinque toujours.It always perks me up.

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