Tisdag etymology


Swedish word tisdag comes from Proto-Germanic *Tīwaz, Latin Mars (War, battle, conflict Mars (Roman god). Mars (planet).), Proto-Germanic *dagis, Latin dies

Etymology of tisdag

Detailed word origin of tisdag

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*Tīwaz Proto-Germanic (gem-pro) (Runic alphabet) name of the T-rune (ᛏ). Tyr, the Germanic god of war. Identified in later times with the Roman god Mars.
Mars Latin (lat) War, battle, conflict Mars (Roman god). Mars (planet).
*dagis Proto-Germanic (gem-pro)
dies Latin (lat) (often in the feminine) A set day: a date, an appointment.. A day, particularly:. A solar or sidereal day of about 24 hours, especially (historical) Roman dates reckoned from one midnight to the next.. Daytime: a period of light between sunrise and sunset.
Týr Old Norse (non) An áss in Old Norse mythology.
dagr Old Norse (non) (in the plural) days, times. A day.
dies Martis Latin (lat) Tuesday.
*Tīwas dagaz Proto-Germanic (gem-pro) Tuesday.
týrsdagr Old Norse (non)
tisdagher Old Swedish (gmq-osw)
tisdag Swedish (sv) Tuesday. The second day of the week (according to the ISO 8601 standard).