Eld etymology


Swedish word eld comes from Proto-Germanic *ailą (Fire.), Proto-Germanic - -janą

Etymology of eld

Detailed word origin of eld

Dictionary entry Language Definition
*ailą Proto-Germanic (gem-pro) Fire.
- -janą Proto-Germanic (gem-pro)
*ailijaną Proto-Germanic (gem-pro) To kindle.
*ailidaz Proto-Germanic (gem-pro) Fire, pyre.
eldr Old Norse (non) Fire.
elder Old Swedish (gmq-osw) A skin disease - possibly erysipelas. Fire.
eld Swedish (sv) (uncountable) fire, a continued chemical exothermic reaction where a gaseous material reacts, and which creates enough heat to evaporate more combustible material. (uncountable) fire; the in-flight projectiles from a gun or similar. (uncountable, alchemy) fire; one of the classical, or basic, elements. Something set up as to burn, such as a campfire or a bonfire.