Preto etymology


Portuguese word preto comes from Latin pectus

Etymology of preto

Detailed word origin of preto

Dictionary entry Language Definition
pectus Latin (lat) (figuratively) heart, breast, as the seat of emotion. (figuratively) soul, spirit, mind, understanding. Chest, breast. Person, individual (as a being of passion).
appectorāre Late Latin (LL)
apretar Old Portuguese (roa-opt)
*apreto Old Portuguese (roa-opt)
preto Old Portuguese (roa-opt) Black Near.
preto Portuguese (pt) (derogatory) a black man. Black clothing. The color black (idiomatic, of situations) bad; very adverse. (loosely) being the darkest of its kind. (pejorative, of a person) black (dark-skinned). Black; black in colour.